I am a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley in the Sky Computing Lab advised by Prof. Koushik Sen. My research interest lies in program analysis, security, and distributed system. I am also cofounder and CTO of Fuzzland. Prior to these, I was a founding engineer at Veridise, a blockchain security startup, where I led development of several automated testing tools for smart contracts and blockchains. Before that, I was a security engineer at Salesforce, contributing to SAST solutions, internal network scanning service, and data pipelines.

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Things I Broke

I worked on a few bug bounty programs in 2020-2022. The total amount of bounty I earned reaches $1.9M (including tokens locked). Selected bugs I've reported:

Security Issues Privacy Issues


I am sometimes an irresponsible early token investor. I am broadly interested in anything other than ZK and games (because I really know nothing about them). Here are some projects I held equity or >.5% tradeable (LP + CEX) circulating supply:
Exited (2024) Exited (2024) Exited (2024)
Exited (2023) Exited (2022) Exited (2022)
I used to do quant trading on leveraged ETFs, contracts, and options based on reinforcement learning and fine-tuned LLM with a surprising PnL of -92% :).


shou [at] berkeley.edu
shou [at] ucsb.edu
chaos [at] fuzz.land
which all likely go to scf [at] acm.org
Telegram: https://t.me/imcfs


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