DAudit: DAudit provides Ops team an easier interface to evaluate risks in configuration of databases and big data toolkits. (

Sexpert: A wordpress plugin for handling Q&A in a CRM way. (Demo: Code:

Knicky: A module-based static virus generator PoC (

Pencake: Gadgets for build RATs in Golang (


Formal Stuffs:


Failed Startups

IBKiller / Zwang Inc.

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 9.01.08 PM

Screen Shot 2020-11-14 at 9.01.25 PM



DPLL: A SAT solver implementation in Racket. (

Ternary search tree: Binary search tree but each node has three children. (

TCP & Reliable UDP: Implemented TCP and reliable UDP (adding ACK) server & client that support multithreading in C. (

CFG to CNF: Convert context free grammar to chomsky normal form. (

OSS Contribution